Monday, 25 April 2011

Town Callers and uptodate news.

Well hello there,

It feels strange writing these kind of things and not knowing if people actually read them or not... but i'd like to start by saying Happy Easter to everyone that supports it... Or if you're like me, happy zombie jesus day :). I hope you enjoyed eating all of your chocolate bunnies and have gained an extra stone in weight from beer consumption.. most people go back to the grind tomorrow, hope you enjoy that also!

So, whats new?

Well... I recently decided that I was hanging up my guitar for good due to failed attempts, until I got a phonecall from Wayne and Swan asking to meet up... the inevitable thing of going for drinks and not talking about the band would be ludicrous, so we're going to give it another go but not for a long time yet... songs back to basics, stripping lyrics and rewriting songs and stuff... it's going to take time, but some things have got to be done.  No we're not booking gigs yet and no we will not be doing this for a while yet... so don't even ask us just yet! So 'This is War' are coming back, but maybe under a new name.... who knows :/

Also, as soon as i mentioned putting the guitar down, people always seem to think it's fine to rub salt into my wounds, another gig with onemanrevival is now up and i'm going to this one without the support of anyone... just want to see if i've still got it really, ha!

So enough about band stuff, I have more news to tell you..

Does anyone else still get town callers? I Didnt think they existed anymore or maybe they are just lunatics from Seaham trying to get you to buy cheap jewels like the work of a gypsy? either way, when it happens at 0830 in the morning they should be sacrifices.. mainly on his life for waking up this morning.. bit harsh?

I'll leave you on that last note and thanks again for reading, if you want to keep up to date with me on a more personal level.

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Peace xxx

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Rock on!

Location: My Bed, UK
Song listening to: "I wanna rock" - Twisted Sister

Well, Considering that I am dying from a flu that has came about over the last couple of days... I thought i would set up one of these blogger things that everyone keeps going on about.. it seems like it's a bit more personal to the likes of twitter, which all i've been doing today is making up new disney pick up lines! (#disneypickuplines).

So hi, my name is Andy and i'm a guitarist in a new upcoming band from the NE of England... I've played in bands before under the names of "Banned", "Free Beir", "Leona", "Coldwater Revival" and "This is war" but none have had that final edge to be able to cut it at the top level. This is why now i'm working on 2 acts, a concept act which is called "onemanrevival" and a brand new sparkley act. On here is probably where i'll be venting quite a lot about either of these so if i do start to moan a lot, please tell me to shut up and I will.. Promise.

Also, in my own time when i'm not at work or gigging... you'll find me either at a theme park, playing on xbox, skydiving, travelling the country or socialising with friends, i'm not the kind of guy that likes to stay still doing one thing... it bores me even thinking about it and it saddens me to think that my 2 days off are lying in bed.

well, enough of me for now... hope whoever reads this has a good day chilling out like I am and keep coming back for more blog posts!

Over and out,

Andy x

Ps: Find me here if you want also!

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